Review of Mending Broken: A Personal Journey Through Trauma and Recovery

In Mending Broken: A Personal Journey Through Trauma and Recover Teresa B. Pasquale presents her personal history of trauma and recovery in a compelling and at moments moving way.   I read the book as a pastor and spiritual director who has worked with parishioners and directees who underwent trauma and suffered from PTSD.  Much of what the author relates about her own story and journey of recovery fits with what I’ve experienced in working with individuals with related stories.  The book helped me tease out a number of my own failures in working with individuals recovering from trauma and PTSD.

Pasquale takes the reader through the PTSD and recovery by walking us through her own trauma suffering from PTSD and her recovery.  The book is divided  into Four Stages each associated with a metaphor of living with and recovering from PTSD.   Throughout the these sections she takes us through the trauma, PTSD, and recovery with the dual perspective of a sufferer from PTSD and a therapist.  This is both the strength and weakness of this book.  As someone who has worked with those recovering from trauma and PTSD as a pastor and spiritual director, her personal account helped me better understand those I have worked with in the past.

This is a good resource both for those who have suffered trauma and PTSD and friends of those suffering from PTSD and their pastors and spiritual directors.  Mending Broken  is a personal account of someone who has had PTSD and recovered, and who is a therapist.  This dual perspective offers a unique and helpful resource.  For those wanting or needing more than this limited account of recovery from trauma and PTSD there is an extensive bibliography and resources.   Pasquale has offered a needed and helpful account of PTSD and recovery.

Mending Broken: A Personal Journey Through Trauma and Recovery

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