Between Sacred and Profane


Installation in the Big Sculpture Garden at the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Fest, 2010

  • Bealtown

    How did people react? It looks almost Ethiopian. Did you serve Real Food? 

    • Larry Kamphausen

      A whole range of reactions from avoidance (actually going out of their way not to pass close to the installation) to people coming up to me and telling me how much it meant to see such an installation or that their Polish or Russian Grandparents would love this.  Also, I had water in the basin and a number of people simply came by touched the water and crossed themselves as they meditatively passed the installation.

      I did not serve actual food.  If I remount this inside a gallery some day I might do that. I’d also want to have an actual bed that people could use.  Being outside I went more with a sketch of sorts, to give the idea.  I think in mounting the installation an enclosed space I’d do it a little differently.