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Gothic Sonic Identity: Revelations from 12 albums meme

Editorial note: In 2012 I wrote a post about “gothic sonic identity”, coming out of  conversation with Tripp Hudgins around his Ph.D. work in Music and Liturgy.  I had intended to write a whole series  of posts along these lines.  They never came about.  Here I might be resurrecting this thread we’ll see if any […]

Suffering and Joy on the Dance Floor: or Dancing to Joy Division

My friend Tripp recently published a brief musing on suffering and death: it’s kind of goth. I’ve sat with the musing.  Part of what he’s wrestling with are the ways many Christians often make suffering trite by attempting to make God responsible for it ( in some way) or at least responsible for making it meaningful. […]

Salonathon at the Beauty Bar: A surface and everyday beauty?

Monday night a friend who is an actor was performing as David Bowie at Salonathon at the Beauty Bar. If you aren’t aware the Beauty Bar is a bar and beauty salon rolled into one ( or as their website says “The World’s only beauty saloon…”.  Specials include such things as a martini and manicure. […]

Dissatisfaction and Longing : Gothic sonic identity part 1

This is a post in the series on my “sonic identity”  a project of reflecting on music and identity following on the path of the Anglobaptist who is exploring such things as part of his Ph.D in Liturgy and Music.  There were a number of posts around this topic earlier this year at one can be found […]

The Circus Is Eternal: Fashion Liturgy

Kate Setzer Kamphausen’s  fashion Show “The Circus is Eternal” Friday night (March 2) at Nocturna was a great time.  Kate’s garments looked amazing on each of the models (who weren’t professional models, but various people for the goth scene).   The preparation was a little halting as neither Kate nor I had produced a fashion show before.  Things […]

Eros, Goth, God, and Desire – Intro

Tripp the Anglobaptist is pushing me in good ways. He is pushing me to consider what is the relationship between my sonic urban sub cultural identity and my sonic theological and religious identity. Well he isn’t doing it directly necessarily, but in talking to him about his course work in Liturgy and Music and in […]

Nocturna All Hallows Eve Ball, 2011

I Have been quite busy but Kate and I did make it to Nocturna for the  All Hallow’s Eve Ball, as we try to do each year.  5 years ago I wrote this Post, about Goth costumes that weren’t really costumes at the ball that year.  I had forgotten about the post and that there apparently was […]

Rise of the Nation State, subcultures, Goth, and David Bowie

This is the second post in a trilogy of posts. The first in this series can be found here over at Priestly Goth Blog.  The third post will post in Ecclesial Longings here. Recently I saw the Man Who Cried.  It is a melancholy movie to say the least.  Though what captured my imagination in […]

Peter Murphy’s I Spit Roses

I meant to post this several weeks ago. Peter Murphy has a new Album out, Ninth, below is a video for one of the songs off that album, I Spit Roses.

Posts from Priestly Goth blog related to the goth sublculture

I will be posting here links thoughts, music and videos within the realm of the goth subculture.  For me this is largely an aesthetic related to a music and club subculture.  Others in the scene may see it differently.  For many it is also a community to which they belong.  I engage this aspect of the scene […]