Ecclesial longings

The Great Emergence and the problem of periodization

Ed. note: I’ve edited this from a blog post on my personal blog back in 2009.  I’m in the process of reposting here some posts that fit with the themes and projects related to what I’m doing here at Priestly Goth.  I recently re-read The Great Emergence.  My opinion of the work hasn’t changed. When […]

Oh wait, I’m not alone(sort of), others are talking about the Church

I’m working up some reflections on David Fitch‘s End of Evangelicalism.  I have some questions about why one would continue with a particular identity like evangelical, when ones theology is so clearly drawn from such an ecumenical place as David Fitch seems to be coming from.  Also, I feel that what the book addresses cuts […]

“Going to Church” and the Church as Body of Christ.

I mentioned in my reflection on intimacy and public worship that I had some more ecclesiological thoughts in response to Donald Miller.  Instead of putting Donald Miller’s ecclesiology to the question,  I will simply explore how we are talking about church attendance and how we may approach that from asking questions of what sort of thing we are […]

Velvet Elvis and the Mystery of the Church

In my current research I’m reading Rob Bell. I began with Velvet Elvis. When Rob Bell published Velvet Elvis and was talking about repainting Christianity I was quite literally painting: writing icons.  He was questioning what he had received. He was “repainting”  his understanding of the Christian tradition. I was seeking to receive a tradition […]

Progress, Emergence, Christianity, and the Church

I’m on a search to find my place in our current landscape and to tell a certain story about how I believe I have found my self in this moment and place.    In doing so I’m finding that there are many ways to tell the story of our current “crisis”.  I feel though that […]

Sermons on the way to an ecumenical ecclesial longing

Today is the Second day in the Octave of Prayer for Christian Unity.  I’ve reviewed some recent sermons as I’ve been thinking and praying these past few days.  These I think are some steps along the way to where I am at right now, and what I’m trying to work out in this space called […]

Follower of Jesus or member of the Body of Christ?

I have begun work on a book, at the moment theological and philosophical reflections on ministry at the edges of denominational and institutional Christianity.  I’m not against denominational and institutional Christianity (I’m deliberately avoiding the word “church”, ecclesia).  The marginal path I have followed (in relationship to denomination and institutions) wasn’t calculated.  However, it also […]

Privilege, Whiteness, Alienation, Renunciation, and Gospel

At the third session of the Symposium for the Theological Interpretation of Scripture: Urban Ministry, I responded to a presentation on Raymon and Henry Emerson Fosdick’s relationship to Rockerfeller, I spoke of renunciation (of privilege and whiteness) and  voluntary poverty (drawing on the Monastic Tradition) as an answer to the problem presented.  I spoke deliberately […]

Georges Florovsky, Ecumenism, and Writing Icons.

I was introduced to the work of Georges Florovsky in seminary.  I was discussing Eastern Orthodoxy with my History professor Phil Anderson.  Something in what I said clued him into that I was missing something about Orthodoxy and its history.  He asked if I had read (knowing I hadn’t) Georges Florovsky. I immediately found his […]

Philemon and Christendom

Lectionary texts For this Sunday, September 8 proper 18(23), juxtaposes Philemon with Jesus’ hard sayings about hating family and life, taking up the cross, and giving up possessions. More to the point the juxtaposition comes from the story we are able to tease out from this short Epistle of the Apostle Paul to the leaders of […]

Review- Keeping the Feast: Metaphors for the Meal

Milton Brasher-Cunningham’s book Keeping the Feast: Metaphors for the Meal is a feast packed into a small book.  It is a book to savor, and to return to again and again.  A mixture of prose, poems, and recipes creates a delightful read, and a sense of sitting around Milton’s table or sitting with him in his kitchen […]

Review of The Shack Revisited

I begin this review with a confession. I’ve never read The Shack.  I remember when it rose in popularity, but I didn’t read it.  I didn’t read it because, I must confess, I have a deep bias against popular spirituality and the books and the book industry around said spirituality.  The Shack Revisited: There Is […]

Beauty, Truth, and Cathedrals

I’ve gathered From my Twitter feed the role of beauty and cathedrals was addressed at Emergence Christianity – A National Convention( #EC13 #BigTickle) .  This Luther quote was thrown out there as an answer to the problem (though it is only a problem for a certain mindset admittedly dominant among Protestants):  “The people need beauty as well […]

Ecclesiology, Barth, and Scripture

Things are dovetailing in my mind today.  I have started reading Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics, with two others, one a friend and one a new acquaintance.  We are taking our time so we are now through his discussion of proclamation and its relation to the Word of God and to dogmatics. As we discussed this portion […]

Deserts and the Parish

This past Sunday our closing hymn at Reconciler’s service, was “Your Kingdom Come, O Father”, the final verse reads “The desert, as you promised,  Shall blossom far and near; and through earth’s mist and shadows the sun ‘mild rays appear.  For that blest day we wait, Lord, when doubt and darkness gone, we witness earth’s redemption , and summer morn shall dawn.”  That […]

Church and “Ecumenical Protestants”

Recently the Christian Century interviewed David Holinger, about his work in American intellectual history specifically his thoughts on “Ecumenical Protestants”.  “Ecumenical Protestant” is his prefered term from what is sometimes called, the Mainline, liberal, or Modernist.  Thanks to the Anglobaptist I was part of a Facebook conversation around the meaning of Holinger’s account of the success of […]

The Circus Is Eternal: Fashion Liturgy

Kate Setzer Kamphausen’s  fashion Show “The Circus is Eternal” Friday night (March 2) at Nocturna was a great time.  Kate’s garments looked amazing on each of the models (who weren’t professional models, but various people for the goth scene).   The preparation was a little halting as neither Kate nor I had produced a fashion show before.  Things […]

In Defense of J. K. A. Smith, Praise Bands, and Critique – pt. 2

Part 1 is found here Do praise bands have to be loud and the center of a worship service?  If the band simply, with no frills, leads singing in a congregation does it cease to be a praise band? I am puzzled that  James Smith’s  critique (“encouragement to think about the what of worship”) was taken as […]

In Defense of J. K. A. Smith, Praise Bands, and Critique- pt. 1

Over at Fors Clavigera, James K. A. Smith‘s “Open Letter to Praise Bands” has caused a bit of a stir I think.  At least it has among the group of  Evangelical Covenant worship leader, worship pastors, and pastors (who like me plan worship each Sunday).   The stir relates to another conversation that has been […]

Following Jesus: Ecumenism Crisis and Leaving Our Nets

This sermon was preached at Church of Jesus Christ, Reconciler’s service for Ecumenical Sunday in the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.  It is a sermon about the church. Jonah 3:1-5, 10 • Psalm 62:5-12 • 1 Corinthians 7:29-31 • Mark 1:14-20 There is a tone of urgency in all the Scriptures we have just […]

Exploring Church with Catapult – Journeying through the American Ecclesial Landscape

Most of the articles in Catpult Magazine Church isssue, VOL. 10, NUM. 21 :: 2011.11.25 — 2011.12.08, looked at church from the perspective of those who have journeyed and wandered through the American Protestant world.  With the exception of Kirstin’s Editorial and Eric Kuiper’s article, each article came at church from perspective journeyed through various […]

Exploring Church with Catapult – Ears or Bodies?

In The Ear of the Other, Derrida begins with the passage from Nietzsche’s Thus Spake Zarathustra where Zarathustra tells of meeting a man who was all ear, attached to a tiny stalk of a human, who was said to be a genius.  This parable of Nietzsche’s and Derrida’s treatment of it came to mind as I read […]

Exploring Church with Catapult Magazine – Intro

The most recent  issue of Catapult Magazine explores  Church, through 5 articles and Kirstin Vander Giessen-Reitsma’s editorial.  The articles look at the struggles of church from perspectives of both clergy and the laity.  Since a main purpose of Priestly Goth is the exploration of ecclesiology and the nature and reality of church, I wish to […]

The Church and “Ministering to the whole Universe” (or at lest pitching a tent in a corner of it)

The Feast of all Saints is the Anglobaptist’s  anniversary of his ordination.  This All Saints He reflected on that day and the sermon preached at his ordination.  I was there and heard Trevor Bechtel preach. At the time we were still in the last stages of starting Church of Jesus Christ, Reconciler, a month after his […]

Church- What is it?

What is being explored here in Ecclesial Longings? What is the ecclesia, the church?  In part this whole project is seeking an answer to that question.   As I have said elsewhere in part this question is raised by two competing claims to be the Church, by the church centered in Rome and the churches […]

Follower of Jesus and the Church

Came accross the vedeo bellow from Carl Medearis  the other day thanks to Mike Morrell(I hadn’t heard of him before, and except for this video I’m completely unfamiliar with his theology, Mike I think said he’s an “evangelical”). I find the video fascinating for two reason: 1) That he conceives of an ability to follow Jesus without […]

Fellowship of Believers

From an Evangelical Covenant perspective, as I understand it, defining the Church as a fellowship of believers  stems from our experience of the Pietist revivals in the Lutheran State Church of Sweden.  Before the Pietist revivals the experience was  that Lutheran Church was coextensive withe the people of the Nation State of Sweden.  Every Swede simply was baptized as […]

Where is the Church in the labels and identities of Emerging Church and American Christianities

It has been a little over a week since,Thanks to Emerging Pensees, I came across this guest post by “Brandon Morgan”*, over at  Roger E. Olson’s blog.  Tony Jones had his reply, and then reflects on the labels evangelical liberal and progressive. And Austin Roberts at Imago*futura calls it  an identity crisis, and then gives an  account […]

The Problem of “On this Rock I will build my Church”

Recently when the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC)  has  denominational gatherings we have been using as themes phrases from our doctrinal commitments we call “Affirmations.”  The affirmation taken as the theme around the Annual Meeting was  “the Church as fellowship of believers.”  This is basically it for our ecclesiological affirmations.   I have felt since seminary […]

Beginning with Eccelsial longing

(Edited on 7/6/2011-LEK) The impetus for revamping my web presence through Priestly Goth, was realizing that I wanted to blog about my thinking and my questions about the Una Sancta, the Church.  I see Ecclesial Longings as  a space where I can expand upon questions I was asking in seminary in two papers: one exploring the effect […]

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  • Bealtown

    Hi Pastor Larry. I found this blog of your by accident. I am an Orthodox priest in LA and was wondering what thoughts you have about the original Church as established and instituted by Christ Himself and his Holy Apostles and the Orthodox Church’s historical claim to be that very Church. 
    I serve a small ethnic parish – which is where the Church is in LA. 
    Have you ever considered the claims of Orthodoxy? Or would gothic ecclecticism forbid that? (wink).
    BTW, I like ‘darkwave’ and synthpunk/pop music myself; LA is a good place for that scene. My favorite DJ is KXLU’s Michael Stock with his Part Time Punks radio show and live Sunday eves at the Echo in nearby Echo Park. I never was ‘goth’ but it’s sort of my literary/art metier (SFAI BfA ’91). Let’s chat later – big services of Pentecost coming up this even and tomorrow.
    Fr. John

    • Larry Kamphausen

      Fr. John, 
      Thanks for engaging me on this.  I lived  in LA for years ( Torrance, San Pedro, Redondo Beach area, attend Fuller Theological Seminary).  I know an Orthodox  priest in a mission in Culver City, Fr. John Tomasi ,  You don’t happen to be the same Father John,  Though I don’t think so since you say your parish is an ethnic parish, and not a mission parish.  Funny a Greek Orthodox parish I and my wife from time to time here in Chicago also has a priest named Fr. John.  What is it with Orthodox priets and the name “John”? ;-)
      so, you see I am familiar with Orthodox Christianity. I am also familiar with its claims of continuity with Jesus and the Apostles. Many make claim to this continuity. I don’t so much discount the claims as I am unsure how to evaluate it in light of counter claims, say from the Bishop of Rome. I know the Patristic arguments and citations that can be made on both sides of the issue. I have considered and am drawn to Orthodoxy, but the claims have not be fully compelling, (obviously, or else I’d be Orthodox :-) ) I think if you read what I have written here in Ecclesial Longing beginning with the post “Beginning with Ecclesial Longing” you will get some sense of where I am at with the claims of Orthodoxy. in short though there is the protestant claims of theological and spiritual continuity, which I can’t wholy discount as I believe that I have experienced and encountered in the Protestant church’es of my up bringing the life of the Holy Spirit. Also, there is the claims of Rome, and the Bishop of Rome, years ago (crica 1990) I nearly became Roman Catholic, but had questions about the doctrines of the Virgin Mary at the time and found catholic teachings in the Early Luther that fit with the teachings of the denomination I was raised in and am now an ordained minister in. I have as said studied and considered the claims of Orthodoxy, have worshiped in its churches, and have been drawn close enough to write icons, but questions remain as its claims do not fully answer those of Rome and the life of its members does not always in my experience reflect the life of the Spirit. Yet, there is something there, and I’m finding that Protestant faith and practice itself is lacking in some many ways. That will do for now as intro.
      LA is a good place for the “darkwave/sythpoink/pop/Goth music, and I remember well KXLU’s radio show, glad to know it’s still going. I discovered Goth in LA and my friend who introduced me to the scene still lives there. Blessings on your celebrations of Pentecost, look forward to chatting more.

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