Sermons on the way to an ecumenical ecclesial longing

Today is the Second day in the Octave of Prayer for Christian Unity.  I’ve reviewed some recent sermons as I’ve been thinking and praying these past few days.  These I think are some steps along the way to where I am at right now, and what I’m trying to work out in this space called Ecclesial Longings.

First a sermon  that was written and preached nearly 4 years ago now, but it relates to this Years theme and reflections for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. provided by Christians in Canada

This sermon was just preached two years ago, and seems only more relevant to our context.

Enjoy also let me know what these sermons stir in you?  Let me know how you respond to these exhortations.  Do these sermons fit with other posts in Ecclesial Longings and some of my recent reflections on ecclesiology?

I hope you enjoy these reflections as we remember Martin Luther King, Jr. and pray for and reflect upon the unity of the Body of Christ.