Nocturna, and the Eternal Circus

Tonight my fashion designer wife Kate Setzer Kamphausen, has her fashion show at DJ. Scary lady Sarah’s long running Goth night, Nocturna.  It is at the Metro.  The Eternal Circus Fashion show is a line of Goth men’s wear.   I am assisting and in charge of the projection that is part of the show.   Kate and I have long talked about fashion in the Goth scene and since her days in fashion school we have talked about what she might design in terms of goth wear and goth club wear.   So while Kate designs for more than the Goth scene, that her first line of clothing and first fashion show is at Nocturna is fitting.

In using the circus them for this line, Kate is wanting to touch on the ways the circus continues to inspire and lurk in our consciousness.  The circus has it’s dark, side but it is also spectacle, and is eclectic.

Well I thought I had some wondrous thought about the circus, dancing at  Goth club and sonic identity.  But alas no.  Just excited about Kate’s show tonight, and that I think it is very cool that Kate’s first fashion show is at a goth club and a line of Goth men’s wear.  If you’re in town and make it to the show love to hear your reactions to the show and the line.

I might have some ideas on all this after tonight, I’ll let you know.