Hmm, So the Muppets are Communists … Meh.

The Anglobpatist is my friend and coleage. We with an Episcopal Priest started the church I still pastor.

I admit I was a little dumbfounded as well when I heard that a Fox News commentator said the Muppets were communist propaganda.

But in response to my friends rant I have to say, are  you saying that it’s a bad thing that the Muppets might be communist or show communist ideals?   Frankly, although I’m not a communist, I see nothing wrong with being communist.  Marxism, Stalinism and Maoism aren’t technically speaking the only forms of communism.  There have been and are Christians who are communist and not Marxist.

Also, Stalin, really…! Fairly certain Stalin is a very bad example of a communist. Or an example of authoritarian and totalitarian statist communism gone terribly wrong.

But really all that is pointless, because the Muppets are populist, and possibly a populism that was once considered to be conservative and not liberal.  There was a time that conservative populism in the  US used both anti “Fat Cat” and anti-State rhetoric in the defense of the common person.

So, my own response is ya, and so what, being communist isn’t a bad thing.  And then to say but the Muppets are just old fashioned American populism that takes down a notch the powerful in wealth and the elite that control the state.

Unfortunately it seems the level of cutlural and political discourse is such and probably has been for at least half a century that we start running around like chickens with their heads choped off the moment the accusation of communism is thrown about.

I say, Meh… It doesn’t matter.