Exploring Church with Catapult Magazine – Intro

The most recent  issue of Catapult Magazine explores  Church, through 5 articles and Kirstin Vander Giessen-Reitsma’s editorial.  The articles look at the struggles of church from perspectives of both clergy and the laity.  Since a main purpose of Priestly Goth is the exploration of ecclesiology and the nature and reality of church, I wish to bring Catapult Magazine and these 6 authors into conversation with my own exploration.

Each author in their own way is struggling with the place and role of the church. Each  author is struggling to get at what church is supposed to be.  Congregations and churches are imperfect place.  I see a few themes emerging in this issue: what is the role of the church?  what is the relationship between church friendship and deep and intimate relationship? What sort of community is the church? Many of those questions emerge out of frustration and even pain caused by individual congregations.  Also, most of the authors have traveled through various Christian denominations mostly in American Protestant context, and to some extent Roman Catholicism.  Though, I’d say the assumptions made about church are mostly Protestant ones, that don’t take into account Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox theology and ecclesiology.  But then this is not surprising and I only mention it because in Kirsten’s editorial she mentions having come to love  the universal church and seeing *CINO as attendants to the Bride of Christ, which would in the least it seems to me include the two major bodies who claim to be the Church.

In a few post linked bellow I will interact with some of these themes as they are articulated in this issue of Catapult.

Part I: Exploring Church with Catapult – Ears or Bodies?

Part II: Exploring Church with Catapult – Journeying through the American Ecclesial Landscape

Part III: Exploring Church with Catapult – What Sort of Community is the Church?

Part IV: Exploring Church with Catapult – What sort of body is the Church?