Nocturna All Hallows Eve Ball, 2011

I Have been quite busy but Kate and I did make it to Nocturna for the  All Hallow’s Eve Ball, as we try to do each year.  5 years ago I wrote this Post, about Goth costumes that weren’t really costumes at the ball that year.  I had forgotten about the post and that there apparently was a great lack of creativity that year.  This year that was not the case.  The quality and creativity of the costumes this year was high both for those who entered the costume contest and overall even among those who stayed in the crowd.

I saw very few of the sorts of pseudo costume I identified in the above mentioned.   There were still some costumes where I couldn’t tell if it was a goth who just didn’t bother to wear a costume or if it was someone who wasn’t Goth who dressed like a goth to go to a goth Halloween night.

There were a number of people who did the skeleton thing which, isn’t very creative, and two Grim reaper costumes, which also not much of a stretch there for a goth club.  There were also a few people with their more or less normal Goth attire but faces painted up like Dia De Los Muertos sculls.  That was kind of fun and at least since it was the first time I’d seen that a little more creative in my book, or at least a bit of cultural fusion which can have some creativity to it.

At times Kate and I go in matching costumes.  Last year we went as  fairies, which admittedly in my taxonomy of goth costumes would fit in that grey area of only a small amount of effort using pieces that one usually or often wears to the goth club anyways.  And it is true I used a striped stretchy tux jacket that I wear on occasion .  Though neither Kate nor I wear wings to the clubs.  This year Kate was a juvenile triceratops, or in reader response some children’s TV character.  I was the Green Man.

You can find the Glitter Guts photo’s here.  Kate’s and my photos here and here, and with our friends Daniel and Clove here.

It was a fun night and one of the more interesting and creative costume Nocturna All Hallow’s Eve Ball, I have been to in a while.